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Filter products by historical profit and Amazon selling data to find ones that are not profitable currently but likely will be shortly.

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Historical profit data

Products can be filtered not just by current profit and ROI (which are quite transient) but also by how they’ve been changing recently.

Multiple timeframes

Interested in last month’s average? Or the all time minimum? We got you covered.

Multiple metrics

Choose the average for aggressive market dominance or the minimum to avoid risks. Or something in-between. Your choice.

You can also combine timeframes and metrics. Filter by last month’s minimum and the last three month’s average if that’s what suits your needs.

Historical Amazon selling statistics

Avoid fighting the big dog. Filter out products Amazon has been aggressively selling recently. No more reliance on inaccurate “current Amazon status” that’s actually weeks out of date.

Although we do have that, too, should you ever miss it (you won’t).

We recommend that you use our more robust historical metrics:

  • Amazon Selling Ratio: how much they’ve been selling
  • Amazon Buy Box Affinity: how much they tend to hold on to the buy box when they’re selling
  • Amazon Buy Box Holding Ratio: how much they’ve actually held the buy box (in proportion to the whole time, not just when they were selling)

These metrics are available for all timeframes.

One shot scans

Run the same list on all marketplaces in one go. No need to scan and filter the same list multiple times. Results from all marketplaces are consolidated in one grid for easy filtering.

Automatic parameter detection

We take as much work off your shoulders as we possibly can.

No need to select the ID type. In fact, UPCs, EANs, ASINs, and even ISBNs can be mixed in the same column.

Price and ID columns, currencies etc. are guessed from the list. Just take a quick look if you agree. Ambiguous cases are left to you to decide.

Both Excel sheets and CSV files are supported.

Saved list settings

When a supplier sends an updated version of their list simply reapply the settings you chose last time and start the scan immediately. No need to configure everything again.

Accurate profit calculation

Cross border fulfillment fees are calculated accuretely.

Storage fees are included.

Special fulfillment programs

Adjust fees calculation based on special fulfillment programs. This can greatly increase the number of profitable products you find.

Accurate VAT calculation

Both sourcing and sales VAT are calculated based on several factors such as in which country your company is registered and where it has a VAT number.

This will give you more accurate profit metrics depending on your selling style.

Switch between gross and net calculation in the results table any time.

Built-in sales estimation

Filter by current sales rank or by past average sales rank for any timeframe. You can also filter by sales estimates based on these sales ranks. No need to check them in Keepa by hand.

sales rank drops

Sales rank drops for all timeframes. No need to check in Keepa manually.

competition data

Maximum number of offers for the “new” condition. Again, for any timeframe. If this number is 1 chances are the product is sold by the manufacturer and they don’t allow competition. You can filter by this column just like by any other.

Major currencies

Currencies are first class citizens. Your product list may contain EUR, GBP, or USD, we handle them all!

No need to convert manually before scanning.

Selling in both the UK and Germany? Convert all sums to either EUR or GBP and filter accordingly.

Up to date data

Always fetch fresh data directly from Amazon.

5 largest European marketplaces

Works on all major European marketplaces.

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